They Know

        both are out there in the kitchen
        their whispers make it through the door
        wondering how long before they try coming in
        worried what it is i’ve locked myself in here for
        i didn’t want them to ever see me so
        but they know, they do know
        the phone has gone dead with its silence
        in his place in that room i avoid
        all that was said has been turned inside out
        what was meant deliberately destroyed
        i do try to go through it all as though
        but they know, they do know


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3 Responses to They Know

  1. slpmartin says:

    Some things cannot really be hidden from those who know us…no matter how hard we try.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. This piece is 8 years old now, from July 2006. My mother had seen me at a vulnerable moment during a July 4th picnic, when I slipped my mask for just an instant. She could tell I had been abused. She brought my grandmother over the next day, and this poem came from that.

      I had an earlier poetry weblog here, encouraged by Denise to let some of this loose from my notebooks. I closed that weblog down when I came under cruel malicious abuse – not mere criticism of my writing or anything else legitimate, but personal attack with aim to hurt. So abruptly did I close that weblog, I thought I had lost all of the poems I’d posted there, except for scraps I still had in my handwritten notebooks. Recently a close friend heard of this and not only presented me with a copy he had made from his reading (from times before I even knew him), but joined Denise in encouraging me to re-post. (Thank you, Adrien.)

      Abuse should never silence us. Those who love us, they do always know.

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