For the silence of a prayer left unsaid,
a child goes hungry another cold night.

For the silence of a word of encouragement
held back, a friend wanders lost in dark.

For the silence of support’s gift taken away,
a man remains imprisoned unjustly.

For the silence of witness gone forgotten,
a bruised woman cries to herself, alone.

For the silence of a faithful word kept
private, lovers lie awake back to back.

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3 Responses to Ineffable

  1. maggie says:

    It goes without saying, I deeply appreciate the visit. Thank D for me for your time and your ticket.

    Sorry you could only stay the weekend.

    Will reciprocate with hubby and child. Count on it.

    All prayers for you, all encouragement for you, all gifts and witness, and every faithful word, all out loud and backed up with a kiss.

    L, m

    • *smile* Feels like I just made me a pilgrimage.
      You’re not holy, are you? *grin*

      • maggie says:

        Excuse me if my gratitude’s too torrid
        or the language I encase it in too florid.
                    It’s just, it felt so nice
                    you seeing me then twice
        vice versa in reverse. (Oh, that one’s horrid!)

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