I have wind.
I have the draft
swirling dust through an empty hall.
I have crossing breezes
carrying high clouds east
while low clouds hurry north.
I have the whisper
of lovers waking to their last goodbye.
I have the breath
one chooses to take
and release.

I have the sun.
I have the light
the moon thinks to be its own.
I have the warmth
that wakes the sleeping seed to its birth.
I have the glow that fills the bedroom at dawn
and the shadow that empties the edges at dusk.
I have the flares that blanket the horizons
with sparks that overwhelm all else.
I have the cycles of the year and the month and the day
and the blink of the eye.

I have thunderstorm.
I have avalanche.
I have blizzard.
I have flood.

I have water.
Fog and mist are mine.
Waves and currents are mine.
Rising and receding tides move with me.
The water swirling down the drain
and the water simmering in the pot.
The fluids flowing to every living cell.
The tears, seen and hidden.

I have color,
the subtle grays, the rich blues, the lush greens.
I have inflection.
I have change.
I have touch.
I have what is used.
I have what is sent.
I have what is given.
I have what is promised.
I have what is wrapped.
I have what is loosed.
I have what is not.

I have the compass.
I have the wheel.
I have the glass.

I have cramp.
I have itch.
I have sneeze.
I have ache.
I have urge.

I have the unwanted.
I have the refused.
I have the wasted.
I have the left behind.

I have the muscle.
I have the bone.
I have the blood.

I have the break.
I have the decay.
I have the fatigue.

I have the hole.
I have the edge.
I have the moment.

I have the abstract.
I have the concrete.
I have the dimensions.
I have the other sides. 
I have the unknowns.
I have the unexpected.
I have the unrealized.

I have the child.

I have the friend.

I have the watchdog.
I have the housecat.
I have the fieldmouse.
I have the turtle.
I have the snake and the lizard.
I have the hawk and the hummingbird.
I have the fox.
I have the dragonfly.
I have the spider.

I have the circle.
I have the reflection.
I have the prime.
I have the inverse.

I have stone.

I have music, note by note.
I have dance, step in step.
I have word, in all its senses.
I have money, dollar for dollar.
I have time, second to second.

I have home.

I have dream.

I have love.

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