What I can’t figure out’s the why of it.
Why waste your time? Why make yourself submit
your way of seeing things? Why let her make
a fool of you? Why play her game? Why break
your word? Why settle for the counterfeit?

Soul mate’s another name for hypocrite.
One’d need first have a soul, then one must quit
responding to it.  She knows how to fake
                what I can’t.

Ignore her talking trash? I can’t. Just sit
it out? I can’t. Retaliate? Come hit
her back? I can’t. I can’t make the mistake
of turning into that deceitful snake.
So that must mean it’s time for me to split.
                What? I can’t.

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One Response to Cant

  1. maggie says:

    So if she keeps calling you D’s little c, you could always just look on her as D’s big J?
    I know it hurts, but remember where you’ve always found your strength and peace. Let her own mirror find her, and know what to give yours to reflect on.
    Hey, know what? Yeah, jet lag confused me some, and it will take another day or two to get used to the different tides over here. But all the way over here on the other side of us, we still see the same stars, the same side of the same moon, the same sun. Remember that next time J tries to turn you upside down inside out.
    My D says hi to yours.

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