Do not neglect the unspoken word
nor be robbed of its passion,
but stand constant and prepared
to sacrifice and serve, in fashion
as you have both seen and heard.

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4 Responses to Reconciled

  1. maggie says:

    As you and he have heard and seen
    as it was done, without pretension,
    then let its cause be freely aired
    when its true name finds simple mention
    in strange designs of known routine.

    • In strange routine of known designs
      you’ll reclaim all you once thought taken,
      in keeping with as was declared
      your dreamings through your song to awaken
      in sacred fires at family shrines.

      • Our sacred shrines and family’s fires
        a new babe’s purification hallows
        in rite our hearts and hands have shared,
        in law our word and worship follows,
        and in pure love her life inspires.

  2. In life inspired by selfless love
    that keeps its own word past its sermon
    beyond closed circles time has squared
    to open force and so determine
    when to stay and where to move.

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