How honorable is simple humility!
True dignity never ends in futility!

In this society, this world and this age
in which crass disrespect’s so the rage

setting one’s best presuming another’s worst,
nice that a class act still comes in first.

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2 Responses to Bolt

  1. maggie says:

    How very unselfishly aware of another’s world near his, instead of the focus we see more often! And yes, quietly humble, like catching him in a private prayer – he would rather the camera had turned away entirely, over to the podium where the celebration was, not on him. Truly a golden moment.

    Thank you for sharing in your own way. Reminds me of a poem you shared after the tsunami, back before I knew your poetry as I do now. I’ve liked that in your writing, how you can feel your own heart and the hearts of ones you love in those of the world. Political? I think it rather anti-political . . . quite personal.

    But you’re right, there’s something very rare here. When all too often the win is defined by emphasis of another’s loss, here is one whose win will ever be remembered by how he himself saw his own success in the context of others’ glory.

    • The politics I’m seeing in it comes in this circus we always engage in here after every summer Olympics. This game where one is not really good enough to win the day on one’s own, so attempts to get there by knocking one’s predecessor down.

      Bolt won his because he was fastest, not because he kicked everyone else in the shins first. And then he has such deep humility and respect about his own win, sharing it with the honors given to others.

      Too bad we don’t have more like Bolt in the world. Yours is one. Don’t ever give him up for another.

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