Clack clack clatter chatter quick smacked
lucky truck clackity clackity shellacked:
sherbet dazzle sizzle crazy clicks
tickle giggle wiggle wrinkle tricks!
All the most for all the best,
loved, protected, thought of, blessed!
Lucid dreams that never cease,
dreams of harmony, dreams of peace!
Raw purity! Audacious truth!
Impatient vision! Ravenous youth!
Good fortune come to you and yours!
It disappear when bad occurs!
New moon’s power, full moon’s light!
Boundless wisdom, inner sight!
Brother’s secrets, sister’s charms,
baby cousin, mother’s arms!
Clank! Your muse sing clear and loud!
Clank! Your goddess keep you proud!
Your friend your friendship set apart.
Your lover your beloved heart.
His in all of yours immersed,
yours in all of his the first!

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One Response to Shivaree

  1. sarachnid says:

           How lively an epithalamium clanking!
           The spirits join David and me all thanking!

    I know how much you had wished to be there in person. Yet really, it made it memorable having you join us through the video link. Your presence was real, so special a touch.

    And your package did find us out here, only the gods and your secret spies must know how. Thank you.

    I look forward to having you join us this next round. We’ll use the same linkup.

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