Lickity Split

Dust to ashes,
Lickity split —
You give them all,
You get back shit.

Watch out your back,
You’re dead meat.
There’s no defense —
They’ve got you beat.

So long, sucker,
Wish you well.
As far as they care,
You can go to hell.

Princess Persnickety
lickity split
chases the wind
for the fun fun fun fun fun of it.

Tickle toe tickle toe
giggly goo!
You catch me first
and then I will come after, for you.

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One Response to Lickity Split

  1. Not even remotely about her or for her or to her, not even distantly in any metaphoric sense.

    She doesn’t know me. Never did.

    And she doesn’t know what this is about. She shovels out advice she herself refuses to follow. I’m sorry I ever thought she could help me heal from what I’ve been through.

    But even that is not what this is about. So please don’t bother me with her if she pretends she knows. She won’t.

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