Dirty Looks

Those dirty looks you work up are so out of style.
Get with the times, babe. Relax, use my smile.

Do dirty looks make it like you’re in control?
Here, take a Nice Pill, swallow it whole.

Such nasty dirty looks! You can’t be for real!
Kind thoughts’d give a more lasting appeal.

Dirty looks, dirty looks! What’s your intent?
I’m nowhere near down wherever that garbage went.

It’s as though your dirty looks are all I might deserve.
What I believe you worth’s got vim and verve.

Your dirty looks you consider cause for pride?
Appearance only. You’re still beautiful inside.

Dirty thinking, dirty word, dirty action, dirty look —
forgive me anything I clean mistook.

So why the dirty looks? What’s with the attack?
However many you give me, you’ll not get one back.

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