A Sneer’s Refutation

                     “Who can refute a sneer?”
                            – William Paley

Every one who’s ever done anything right
has for doing so been target of a sneer,
then gets sneered at with even greater spite
when sneerers’ ill turns on their own deaf ear.

The abused and afflicted, the hungry and lost —
who is spared kicks from a sneer’s hard boots?
Those paying in sneers pay the sneer’s high cost
alone, so thrice their own sneer refutes.

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One Response to A Sneer’s Refutation

  1. Once again I’m getting advised by my friends (no quote marks necessary) to tone it down.

    I know, I know, “Love your enemies,” and all that. Like it’s supposed to be bad of me to speak out against the bad R did to me and continues to try to do. I’m sorry, but that just sounds too much like R’s line of thinking: R gets to be as nasty as he wishes, and I just have to swallow it and learn to accept him as he is, and if I really love him I’ll just take it and shut up. Yeah right.

    Besides, how many times need I say, I’ve stopped reading and writing about who I keep having to defend myself against. Like the rest of you, I got the message from her owner loud and clear, very forcefully so, to leave her the hell alone so he could have her all to himself. I’m still with you all about still caring and wishing the best for her, but I’m not patient enough to just wait around for her to come to her senses. He wants her left alone, I leave her alone. Period. For the last time, please, none of this or anything else I write has anything to do with her or with her owner nor even with how they have mistreated any of us. So sorry if this sounds so self-indulgent of me, but it’s how my poetry came about and it’s really not all that unusual: anything and everything here is about something relating to my own struggle.

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