Lost Power

Hundreds of thousands left without power, they say. Oh?
We’ve been so busy getting things done, I wouldn’t know.
Left powerless to stand by and up for a friend in need?
Left powerless to help a single mom with children to feed?
Left powerless to put our shoulders behind a stuck car?
Left powerless to go an extra mile even when it was too far?
Left powerless to look in on strangers thinking themselves alone?
Left powerless to loan stranded drivers a fully charged phone?
Left powerless to keep up with the blizzard all night on no sleep?
Left powerless to shovel sidewalks others were finding too steep?
Left powerless to give all we could and more with no return?
Left powerless to practice nothing we weren’t willing to learn?
We lost electrical service, yeah. But power? I would say no.
All we did was trade it in for a spell for the raw power of snow.

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