Idiot Stink

                            He who knows not
                            and knows not that he knows not
                                      is a fool.
                                                        Avoid him.
                                      — Persian apophthegm

How it goes, he doesn’t know the half!
          And what he does, he’s got turned inside out
and upside down and coming up in reverse.
Don’t hold your breath expecting he’ll improve
in time. From here on out, it just gets worse
and crazier. Is that what we’re to call love?
That smell that leaks out when he tries to laugh
          at the real thing? Say you’ve not one doubt.

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4 Responses to Idiot Stink

  1. You’re far from the only one he fooled. Me too.

    The Persians had the right idea. Don’t try to fight him. Just leave him to lie in his own puke.

    • Easier said than done. Would be a whole lot easier if he confined his hangovers to his own toilet. Too small a town for him to be spreading it around for everyone to have to be stepping so out of our way to be doing the avoiding thing.

      • Time to find us a new home? We don’t need to emigrate all the way to Persia to find sidewalk clear enough to walk freely without having to watch our every step. </nag>

  2. Run? So I have to get chased from my home because he won’t take responsibility for cleaning up after himself? Let’s find us a home that holds true to our beliefs without having to define them by defense against his arrogance.

    Another thing being, even were we to succeed in Persian avoidance and keep him from intrusion, both of us still have too many friends here who don’t want to admit what they do all know of his ignorance. They’re still getting hurt. His ignorance makes him impotent in all ways except for the power to delude, it seems. Which is where this poem came from … how can I avoid him, yet still stand by those friends. He knows how that bothers me, so uses them to get to me.

    And yes, Maggie and I made it here in good time, even with a few detours. Just in time, it would seem. Sorry I’m not there to help you shovel. Maybe we should consider a new home down here?

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