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clarior e tenebris

I have wind.
I have the draft
swirling dust through an empty hall.
I have crossing breezes
carrying high clouds east
while low clouds hurry north.
I have the whisper
of lovers waking to their last goodbye.
I have the breath
one chooses to take
and release.

I have the sun.
I have the light
the moon thinks to be its own.
I have the warmth
that wakes the sleeping seed to its birth.
I have the glow that fills the bedroom at dawn
and the shadow that empties the edges at dusk.
I have the flares that blanket the horizons
with sparks that overwhelm all else.
I have the cycles of the year and the month and the day
and the blink of the eye.

I have thunderstorm.
I have avalanche.
I have blizzard.
I have flood.

I have water.
Fog and mist are mine.
Waves and currents are…

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