Roads Not Mistaken

A hundred links led off from a Daily Post post
and wanting to read every single one I could
and still have time to write my own, I spent most
of my time on those in which I knew I’d get lost
hell-bent on what might do my head worst good;

then tried to imagine what the unread ones’d said
as if they’d the better claims against my choice
since my betters were there reading them instead,
those roads that had already been paved ahead
of my own, which as yet hadn’t found its voice,

my only excuse being that it was not yet noon
with plenty of day left in which to read and write.
Ah, I can bookmark those I don’t wish to impugn!
Better yet, I can follow them all, intending soon
to swing back through and ask to stay the night.

I’ll reblog this years hence and call myself a klutz
for what I didn’t do versus what I’ll’ve done.
A hundred links!⠀Sure to drive my mind nuts!
I found solitude on the road with the deepest ruts
since everyone else took roads less travelled on.

written for Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled
at the Daily Post
(with all due respect to the one this obviously borrowed from)

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