Keep Out

What’s private’s private. Might someone need keep out
of what’s not? If so let’s hope you don’t read. Keep out.

But you’re ok. Really. You think not, but you’re fine.
It’s that dude you drag along. I only wish he’d keep out.

Google, I won’t turn search indexing off for the others,
but I wish you gone. I want privacy guaranteed. Keep out.

My therp has this thing about my writing getting her in
to the real me. Coming here to see me bleed? Keep out.

We’re liars. We’re assholes and bitches. We’re waste.
If that’s what she really thought of us, she’d keep out.

The NSA might be snooping? Hey feds, I’m harmless
so long as I’m deluded that I’ve been freed. Keep out!

Oh, Sara was way too trusting leaving us what she left.
We loved her, yes, but if we had any honor we’d keep out.

“Your sin’s exiling any reader at all,” my muse advises.
“Censor what’s written. What might succeed, keep out.”

prompted by Daily Prompt: Keep Out
at the Daily Post

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8 Responses to Keep Out

  1. The line about the NSA: most spot-on summary i’ve ever read.

    • Heh. Of all the couplets in this ghazal, that one went through the most versions along the way, over a dozen major variations before posting, then half a dozen more tweaks settling in since posting. Blame the wiretapping – cuts in federal funding mean our own spies can’t get equipment as good as what we sell to foreign tyrannies. That, and my muse was disguising her voice so the Feds wouldn’t blame her for my indiscretions.

  2. matrixilluminos says:

    Powerful, words hitting my skin…. love it!

  3. Sly, sly, sly.
    Waves to the silly snoopers who haven’t yet figured out that this is no way for them to spend their too short lives. Though it feels VERY “cool shit” to them right now.

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