Love Nolo Contendere

Let’s end this here. Right now. I’ll not contest
the claims you’ve held against me. They’re all true
as stated in official documents.
No more. I can’t defend myself against
the factual evidence. Since my arrest,
I’ve come to terms with guilt and innocence.
So I’ll be one. You be the other. Through,
let’s call this thing. I’ve no need to convince
us what we’ve always known about our love.
Like, what of it was ever in dispute?
Need I admit? Let’s bargain out a plea
to settle what’ll serve both you and me
and end this here. I’ll drop my counter suit.
Let’s kiss and make up, not but that to prove.

prompted by Denise at Bardoi

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2 Responses to Love Nolo Contendere

  1. And do we have a win win resolution?
    Let’s hope so.

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