Her Dreamt Home

No disrespect, but is your dream home now governed any further by the best to be had in medical research, in specialized facilities, in quality intensive care?

No harm, but does your dream home need to be within reach a short day’s drive down the road to the condo still in her name, back in the dream where you first met, now legally yours?

No pressure, but can your dream home do without a heavy concentration of petrochemical industry interested in your professional knowledge and skill?

I only say because she she wouldn’t’ve asked me to help you out at keeping on with this dream home stuff expecting I’d not speak up.

And for the dream home she wanted to build with you, rule number one would’ve been to avoid sacrificing a single tree.

So I was only wondering, must the baby keep sneezing so much from all the sawdust in the air?

prompted by Daily Prompt: Dream Home at the Daily Post
[background notes]

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2 Responses to Her Dreamt Home

  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! yeah. Ouch.

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