What Is and Isn’t At Risk

                        If loving
                   is really
                   as easy
                           as breath,
                                     would our
                                  next kiss
                                    be postponed
                                           so indefinitely?


prompted by Daily Prompt: Procrastination at the Daily Post
[margin notes]

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15 Responses to What Is and Isn’t At Risk

  1. I like the shape of this–and the question it poses.

    • Thanks. Was about my love of poetry. Intersected with overhearing a 60 Minutes program of divers who go past all extremes postponing breathing.

      I’d been putting off writing all Sunday. Plenty of good excuses. But really I was making the choice to procrastinate my writing for the day.

      Why? Why delay something I love so much, as if it were mere gratification?


  2. Great response to procrastination prompt!

  3. i think i understand why, maybe not, but if i can ask how and why you developed the use of the squares to define the margin?

    • Squares? First, tell me: what browser and operating system are you viewing me through?

      • oh, is that what it is? (blushing now)
        IE, probably an older or outdated version. (blushing)

        • Don’t change your browser, at least not on my account. (And don’t blush, ditto.) Hold on, lemme change something around on this post…

        • OK refresh your browser on this one and tell me if it displays properly. If so, then I know what was my problem…

          • yes, the ‘squares’ are now gone.
            what a beautiful shape you’ve created.

            and how do you create the negative space, is there an HTML code?

            • It’s a character code I was using that doesn’t show up right in all situations. So my older posts when I was using that character for white space – those posts will show squares as placeholders for some browsers with certain operating systems, although all looked fine to me here all along. Newer posts for the past week or two should have good white space for all browsers and all operating systems, for instance on limericks where I indent my 3rd and 4th lines. I’ll provide further details when Iggy gives me more than the wee breaks I have had this afternoon. Cyn

              • it really warms my heart when you remind me that you’re with Iggy, reminds me of the years when my daughter was that young. please, no rush, take all the time you and he need.

              • ty for this, you would think WP being so writer centric would have workarounds available for something as important as white space. i’ve adjusted by using periods when i really needed the margins, it’s clumsy and visually intrusive, but i didn’t have much choice.

                and now seeing your words as you intended them to be seen, only adds to my appreciation of your poetry.

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