Limerick Alone 3

       A sailor at last had outgrown
       a sweetheart’s name long proudly shown.
            ”Thing is,” said he,”I’ve its
            tattoo on my privates.
       It’s not like it’s carved into stone.”


yet another Cyn limerick
scribbled down for Lone Limerick (Limerick-Off Monday)
at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog

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5 Responses to Limerick Alone 3

  1. Laughing insanely for a time after reading this.
    FYI, I’ve got a coroner’s report of a dead man’s body–research for a book–and well, this is pretty close description of the tattoos on that man’s body. So –imagine my reaction upon reading your poem, Cyn.
    Btw, perhaps you may have some interest in this:

    Between your ‘front’ burners and your back burners and everything in between–I do think you’ve got plenty of poetry.

    Peek-a-Boo to Iggy. >**<

    • I once knew a man who was proud of how far his body art … ummmmm … extended, shall we say. As with all my poems, even my limericks are sincere to my own experience.

      This particular limerick pushed me. My limerick mentor has said he rarely puts less than two hours into any one of his. For the first time ever for me on any of my own, this one came close. I’ve been toying with it (pun intended) since the prompt was floated this past Monday.

      Thanks for the link. I’ll consider it, although I’ve no dreams of doing anything with my writing beyond writing.

      Iggy giggles. Cyn

      • writing is for reading
        doesn’t have to be a dream
        just a tiny adventure
        never pan the puns
        such delicious chums

        Iggy giggles
        I were a puppy, my tail would be all wiggles.
        (take note: no babies in my realm)

  2. LOL! And thanks for another fun contribution to this week’s Limerick-Off!

    • Thanks. I know this one technically strays from the running for your choice of Limerick of the Week form among the many good contributions to your prompt, since I didn’t use some version of “lone” as my I initial rhyming word. That was part of the struggle that poured nearly two hours into this little thing – as much as half my time on it was spent trying to find a good first line with “lone” that fit the rest of it. When I gave up on that attempt, I consoled my muse by at least having fun with this rule-breaking bit of a smirk. Thanks again for great prompts and a lot of fun writing and reading. Cyn

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