My Hope Is

                                        Hope gives me light I use to anticipate
                                        the best of what’ll come. Fearless
                                        I’m not, but I can maybe act serene.
                                        What, this doesn’t look like my serene
                                        look to you? Wait for it. Anticipate
                                        the hell out of it. One needn’t be fearless
                                        to be hopeful. If anything, being fearless
                                        hides shadows from me. Forget my serene
                                        mask, and the worst is all I can anticipate.
                                                            (I do anticipate being called fearless
                                                                      too soon and too rarely serene.)


prompted by 3WW CCCXLIV
at Three Word Wednesday

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One Response to My Hope Is

  1. Frances D says:

    Anticipate the hell out of it. luv it!

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