Limerick Alone Redux


                I tend to think better alone
                and prefer to solve things on my own.
                        Even so, one can dream
                        of how easy it’d seem
                if I were as smart as my phone.


another of a league of Cyn limericks
scribbled down for Lone Limerick (Limerick-Off Monday)
at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog
post structured for Weekly Writing Challenge: Leave ‘Em Wanting More
at The Daily Post


This week’s Lone Limerick (Limerick-Off Monday) prompt at Mad Kane’s Humor Blog has clearly bit me in the ass!

As I pointed out in my comments to Limerick Alone 3, technically that one strayed from the rules of Mad Kane’s challenge, since the first line did not end with a variation of “lone.” It still felt like a keeper, so I kept it.

Three other limericks posted here before this post did meet the rules of the challenge—

The remaining pages of this post contain further limericks that I wrote for this week’s challenge. (If I decide to write any more, I’ll update this post from here on out.)

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