Serotinal Disturbance

                                        Southern skies have darkened in disgust
                                        at how easily we see through them. Their pout
                                        screws serotinal winds into a confused wad.
                                        Angry charges flash from the black wad
                                        warning some aftermath of such disgust
                                        as if to force melancholy to follow pout.
                                        Whatever excuse is given for this pout,
                                        it will pass. Whatever day gets tightly wad
                                        into a waste now, it will fly far from disgust.
                                        No wad, no lasting pout, no sign of disgust.


prompted by 3WW CCCXLV
at Three Word Wednesday

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5 Responses to Serotinal Disturbance

  1. Laurie Kolp says:

    I like how you used the words in each stanza. Here’s mine-

  2. Mishla says:

    Amazingly visceral.

  3. Sheilagh Lee says:

    what an interesting way to put this.

  4. Frances D says:

    I saw angry little clouds with flashing lighting bolts on my mind’s screen as I read it.

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