A Prosaic Interlude

Question. Let’s just suppose I’m curious. I am a woman legally married with a woman under the laws of a northeastern state. I and my partner have moved to a southern state that will secede from the union before they ever grant recognition to our marriage. That means that here, they consider me unmarried, right? So would that mean I could agree to marry a man in this state? This state doesn’t recognize my first marriage, so ought give legal status to my second one, wouldn’t you think? The state I first married in would probably not recognize my second marriage, but they wouldn’t invalidate my first one, would they?

Observation: This is not a hypothetical question for me. And is important enough that I’ll be seeking reliable legal counsel before doing anything stupid. I’m just wondering out loud here.

Warning Label: I’ve just finished wire-brushing the stench of a predatory stalker off my ass, and I’m not interested in arguing with any new incoming trolls. I’ve made it clear that you don’t need to agree with me to earn my time and serious attention, even my care and my love, but I have no time to waste on foolishness.

Cyn (25 Oct 2013)



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6 Responses to A Prosaic Interlude

  1. Frances D says:

    I checked out your margin notes blog – it’s like I know you even better now.

  2. Alice Keys says:

    Wow. Thanks for bringing up my comments on your blog. In any case, I think your poem stands well, alone,

  3. Worth special mention: my favorite poetry prompt this week – this month, maybe even this year – came from Poets & Writers: Reaching Out.

    I think I’ll keep recycling that one. The one poem I’ve written so far in response won’t be near enough.


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