[Two-handed necklace]

                                Two-handed necklace —
                           my restricted breath control
                                   stokes your arousal.


prompted by Haiku Heights #281 ~ September Heights Day 08 ~ Garland
at Haiku Heights

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2 Responses to [Two-handed necklace]

  1. There is nothing “right” about abuse. Nothing.

    Friends and lovers should accept how an abusive person is, accept it right or wrong? No! Never.

    Those who seek respect for abuse victims should worry about being “judgmental”? No! Put the burden where it belongs. An abuser has no excuse.

    Abuse is merely someone’s lifestyle choice? No! Don’t peddle that blindness here.

    As I’ve stated in my weblog’s Comment Policy, no comment that excuses or justifies or condones domestic abuse will be approved for posting here.

    P.S. Ummm, and comment trying to justify trying to justify abuse is unwelcome here too. Take it where it’ll sell.

  2. I suspect I’m ‘reading’ your statement above correctly, Cyn.
    I’m wondering, wtf? I lose time online and come back to discover dysfunctional mentalities have been running amok.
    Is this another symptom of the mental illness in the dominant culture–I’m thinking it is.

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