Had It Coming

                        If and when I am innocent ever again,
                        don’t let yourself forget I wasn’t.
                        It won’t have been my very first time
                        away far from where you had me going
                                                and had me coming.
                        And I had it coming.
                        I’m told we no longer fear quicksand.
                        Not that it’s any less scary as it used to be
                        before our roads paved over its hazard.
                        Just, it’s no longer a potent metaphor.
                        These days to warn your children
                        against having a thing with a woman like me,
                        one updated imagery you might want’d
                        be another Vietnam War.
                        Stroke your bitter spite hoping that’ll
                        make me closer like nothing.
                        We quit love, now we’re both blind
                                                to what we’ve got coming.
                        And I had it coming.
                        Think of me as the perfect stranger
                        who’s tried stealing you away.
                        Everyone’d forget you before
                        a year’d passed, wouldn’t they.
                        Endings, some get planned,
                        most the rest go down all of a sudden.
                        Watch more than you wait,
                                                ours has been too long coming.
                        And we had it coming.


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