An Incident

                    The sirens didn’t break your sleep at three
                    a.m., although they visited next door
                    for a disturbance I went out to see
                    what I might witness, then returned before
                    your dreams had scarcely missed their absentee.
                    You’ll see it on the morning news. No doubt
                    they’ll name their suspect. Maybe the report
                    will speculate what had been fought about
                    before she’d had enough. Her last resort
                    was this. He’d given her no other out.
                    I’ll sip my coffee, entertain your take
                    on how you’d seen it coming, nod as though
                    I hadn’t gone to see the story break.
                    Then not until you read this will you know
                    how her screams shook my morning wide awake.


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