Used Patterns

                        Who fails to see the future unfolding its alternatives
                        in any of these recorded routines, these used patterns?
                        My mother has already sent me hers, special delivery
                        overnight express. Her organized collection of patterns
                        for baby clothes and various other things she thought
                        I might be able to follow where she first laid her threads.
                        Look, how on several of these she’s written “Good one”
                        or “Nice,” whether in praise of a well-designed pattern
                        or more likely because it could be completed with ease.
                        And here, several with dates from my own infant years.
                        Yes, too many of these are for clothes to be made a girl,
                        but there’s more than enough I can use for our little one.
                        Together, Denise and I received a new Bernina 830LE
                        for Christmas. Denise already knows her way around.
                        I expect to catch on quickly. There’s much to be made.
                        And besides, it’s not all that different from writing poetry,
                        a villanelle maybe, with its alternating repetitions stitched
                        within a work of art made to be worn with style and pride.
                        Give me time, give me practice, the day will come when
                        I make my own designs, sew something entirely unique,
                        something as fresh as true love. For now, I don’t mind
                        re-using my mother’s old patterns. Good one. Nice.


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