Dead Giveaway

                                  Most obvious is the second glance
                                  you give your doctor, to be sure,
                                  one after the other. No innocent
                                  mistake—he can’t hear you through
                                  the glass. You know how you want
                                  to bloody your fist against it, except
                                  you don’t, only in your mind, over
                                  and over until your knuckles make
                                  a perfect self-portrait of what they’ve
                                  made of you. Every casual gesture,
                                  they point to as a cry for help, when
                                  it should be obvious, you know what
                                  you’re doing, why you had to be put
                                  behind the glass. Control, that’s what
                                  they want out of you, to confine you
                                  to what will match their explanation
                                  close enough to be a dead giveaway.
                                  Something that is clean of all secret
                                  wonder of getting to do it on your own.


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One Response to Dead Giveaway

  1. slpmartin says:

    Such strong emotions convey in these lines.

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