Good Riddance

                     ”Good riddance! I’ve fenced with that flaw from birth.
                     At any given moment it could’ve killed
                     me, had I wanted it to. For what it’s worth,
                     had it beat me, I would have been thrilled.
                     But all in all, it’s better that I’m rid
                     of it. From here on out I’m in the clear.
                     Most never face their fatal flaw. I did
                     and came through. See? It’s gone, yet I’m still here.”
                     ”And none the worse for having sacrificed
                     it to the cause,” I told him. He said, “No.
                     No sacrifice. No loss.” I thought, “Oh Christ,
                     why didn’t all its baggage go?”
                     Some things we’re ok showing to the door—
                     such things’re what good riddance’s most good for.


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