Off the Front Page

                Police were called around 9:20am
                this past Monday morning. A man
                was found dead outside behind
                the vacant house he’d occupied,
                although officers were able to find
                his listed home address. He’d died
                by hanging himself. No more than
                that is known of the incident or him.


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3 Responses to Off the Front Page

  1. slpmartin says:

    One has to wonder about what does make it to the front page…when so much human tragedy is everywhere.

  2. Thank you for reading, and for your sensitive response.

    The early drafts of this went on for pages, notes on notes on notes for even more pages. I wanted to speak to so much, for so many. For the child who today celebrated his birthday in a shack in Haiti, the fourth birthday he has had in the same poor shack, long far off the front page headlines, years after the blog sidebars begging for donations to help him grow up with some happiness and health in his now insignificant life. For the child who today died in a village in Syria, fallen off the front page headlines once the powers-that-be got their small supposed concessions, now so easily ignored. For the abused woman lying in a crumpled heap at the bottom of the stairs she got kicked down, shoved off the front page headlines into a corner where she can be quickly forgotten, stepped over again and again by those who never truly cared. For so terribly many others.

    But then this one sad man, who had lost all hope, who saw no future, who here found only a brief mention off the front page, even then no real obituary, and will only be remembered from time to time for those who pass by the house and point to it as the site for what to them is this minor incident. In my final draft, I find he can speak for any one of the rest of those I was hearing, for all those I want to remember, for those for whom I do sincerely care.

  3. Mike says:

    The sad and final entry before the blank stone in Potter’s Field. Poignant and reflective – well done.

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