What’s the Catch?

        I don’t have that kind of cash, not spare, not yet.
        A coupon in our local paper offers $970 in free apps
        if I spend $1025 for security software for my phone.
        I could borrow from David, although I hate debt,
        and besides he’d never allow me to pay him back.
        Thing is, I’m suspicious of these advertising traps
        where they call something free but build in the cost,
        where I’d do better off just buying the apps alone,
        forget their security whatnot. Oh I have no doubt
        I could spend that much on apps and still want more,
        between sewing patterns, what with choice recipes,
        for baby educational and recreational gadgets galore,
        then there’s productivity tools one can’t do without,
        not to mention assorted other electronic bric-à-brac.
        So roughly a thousand on an iTunes card I could use,
        but what’s with this combo deal, do tell me please.
        There’s something wrong, them letting me choose
        my reward in exchange for security I must have lost.

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