#%*$&@ Texting

                        sendelay, n., the period of time
                        between the instant a traffic light
                        turns green and ‘send’ is pressed
                        on the phone display of the car
                        first in line.

        I bent the index finger I used to use
        to text. Now I have to use my thumbs.
        These things don’t happen when I choose
        to give what goes and take what comes.
        I twisted my finger. Now I use my voice
        to dictate to my iPhone which words to text,
        which I’m told’s yester’s method of choice
        for phoning. Say, what’ll they think of next?
        I messed up my finger. What once burned
        a second to text now wastes most of five.
        Ease off your horn, I know the light’s turned.
        What, you’d rather I text while I drive?

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One Response to #%*$&@ Texting

  1. Mike says:

    Chuckleworthy work 😀

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