Of an Unknown

She claims to know him like no other has
nor ever will, although that’s only because
he was more open to her than he usually is.

Knows him well enough to always tell lies
whenever she speaks of him, and noone knows
she lies since noone knows him as she does.

I for one agree she must know him quite well
since who else could so consistently tell
such lies at random, but of a knowing will?

Then again, his friend’s point’s well made,
that were these lies not ill-misconceived,
then would not his stars have been understood?

Or would not his hand have been closely held?
Or would not his kiss have been extolled?
Or would not his word have been recalled?

We best know him whom we most truly love
while wasting him whom we know little of
to know nothing save what we of nothing have.

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One Response to Of an Unknown

  1. maggie says:

    Who knows him knows the lie is not of Her
    who knew him true before such times as were
    to have been meant as they will reoccur.

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