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Comments under this weblog are monitored and controlled.

  • Open Discussion — I seek open discussion about my content, whether favorable or critical. Anything as simple as “wow” is as sincerely appreciated as any detailed constructive suggestions for improvement of my poetics.
  • Excusing or Supporting Wrong Won’t Be Allowed — Comments need not agree with any opinion I express in my poetry. However, I will never approve any comment that excuses, supports, jokes about, or condones child abuse. Look elsewhere for the academic liberty and freedom of expression that recognize no standards of conduct. Don’t argue it out here, even when I’ve expressed an opinion. Ditto any domestic abuse, ditto stealing, ditto cheating, ditto killing. Comment pro or con to anything I write about, but any comment excusing or condoning wrong will not be posted through.
  • No Spam or Naked Self-Promotion — I welcome links to your own poetry or to other resource sites, such as abuse recovery materials. But pure spam and irrelevant off-content redirection comments with no direct connection to my poetry will not be approved.
  • Take It Outside — My weblog comments are not the proper place to carry on a dispute against other writers. I welcome civil discussion by one commenter of another commenter’s comment, but I won’t approve comments that forget the poetry and the topic to score points against someone else. This policy applies quite rigorously with respect to my friends — any comment that insults or attacks any friend of mine doesn’t belong here.

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