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Turn It Down

Turn the TV down, please. I can’t hear myself think, my head’s so not at ease. Turn the TV down. Please stop its shouting. Jeez, your amplitude control’s all out of sync! Turn the TV down! Please, I can’t hear … Continue reading

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Morning Triolet

                                                        The sun starts breaking.                                     Through the mist                                     my tears try making,                                     the sun starts breaking.                                                 I can’t stop aching                                                 for the night I kissed.                          The sun starts breaking                          through the mist.                  

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Unless, Until

                                                        I’m never going to leave you, not unless                               you tell me to. Then I’ll be gone until                               you say come back. And then I guess                               I’m never going to leave you. Not unless                               you make your mind up … Continue reading

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