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⠀⠀⠀⠀ A sizable piece of it landed in my lap the other day. I had been sitting out back, enjoying the change in weather. It was still hot. I was stuck on a word that wouldn’t come. It burned a … Continue reading

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Of Certain Naval Engagements

                 Too many navies keep flying our navy’s flag         hoping to gain them the upper hand.         We wouldn’t mind that if it weren’t how they brag         it being theirs the republic for which we must stand.                  We’re not about … Continue reading

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Anger’s End

                                                                                —Matthew 5:21, 22                                                         He called you what? Anger is no excuse.                   Call it what it is: nothing short of abuse.                   Not free will. Merely ill will running loose.                                      When anger comes between him and his … Continue reading

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