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Blacksmith’s Villanelle

                                                    Iron can be made whatever you want it to be,                           a realm of creation in which the blacksmith’s lord—                           if you want it done right, you’ll come see me.                                                      Heated to the perfect yellow-orange degree,                           then hammered, … Continue reading

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Street Musicians

                                                    We do the background                           music. For here outside.                           We make a morning                           conversation with you                           as you emerge from                           fading dreams to                           move into your working                           day.                                                                        We take requests.                                                      We ask little. But that                           the … Continue reading

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         Metaphor is the soul of poetry. Poetry need not have form. But without metaphor, poetry is incoherent babble. Poetry need not have rhyme. But without metaphor, poetry is dead on its feet. The great Hebrew leader David spoke of … Continue reading

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