It is what you read when you don’t have to that determines what you will be when you can’t help it. ― Oscar Wilde

Quite so, Oscar! If I read puke when I don’t have to, then when I can’t help it, I’ll be flushed. If I read lies when I don’t have to, then when I can’t help it, I’ll be deceived. If I read abusive ill will when I don’t have to, then when I can’t help it, I’ll be self-abused. And if I quit reading altogether, if I read nothing when I don’t have to, then when I can’t help it, I’ll be nothing.

But if I read good writing when I don’t have to, then I can’t help good being what comes of my reading.

Whenever I press the “Like” button on a WordPress post, it means I have actually read the entire post, usually along with any comments other readers and the author have shared. If the post includes poetry, my “Like” means I have read the poem out loud, sometimes to Denise or David or someone else here, usually with discussion afterward. And if I’ve taken the time to share my “Like” here, it means it’s something I would recommend to others. And that I will return to read it again.

The converse doesn’t necessarily mean much. In other words, if I haven’t (yet) pressed “Like” for any particular post, that doesn’t mean that I have’t read that post, nor that I don’t like that post, nor that I wouldn’t recommend that post to anyone else.

So, if I’ve “liked” a post, then I seriously do like it. If I haven’t yet indicated a “like” on a post, that doesn’t necessarily mean that I dislike that post.

Recently (a/o 9/4/2013), the WordPress “like”-list widget ceased working properly for me. Let the time I spend keeping these recommendations manually myself serve as an indicator of how seriously I do consider any “like” I do make. (More recently, late 2013, the “like” function on my own posts has gone haywire. I must possess the only blog in WordPress’ blogosphere being picked on, since the bug is going unnoticed, unfixed, not cared about. Eh, so what. I like liking better than I like getting liked anyway, so I’m going to stop showing that side of things.)


Separate pages tracking my “Likes”—



2 Responses to Liked

  1. I ‘like’ how you ‘like’. Yep.
    Yeah, I’m wandering around the pages.

    • I would like to like more like how I really like.

      Sometimes I can find the words to do so by adding a comment there, where I like. If I don’t find those words, they’re still there, I just haven’t found them.

      I wish these like pages could serve as recommendations to other readers, but I’m realistic enough to know that I’m a rare bird for taking seriously even the blogroll recommendations of readers I like, so thinking that anyone cares much about my specific post recommendations would be fleeting fantasy. So what these listings do is remind me of posts I will be re-reading. Everything I like, I will be back to.


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