Not the Time

This is not the time, not when we’re alone
like this, for notification alerts on your iPhone.

Others wouldn’t mind. It’s just the way I am —
this is not the time to be posting to Instagram.

I know it sounds jealous, ugly, even bitter —
this is not the time for hashtagging on Twitter.

Others wouldn’t care. It’s just a hangup of mine —
this is not the time to be on your Facebook timeline.

I know it sounds like I’m a spoiled little brat —
this is not the time for socializing on Snapchat.

Others wouldn’t fuss. But as long as we’re in bed,
this is not the time to be getting your e-mail read.

Excuse my selfishness, sorry I have to ask —
when we’re making love, please don’t multitask.

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Iggy’s Flashflood Adventure

A new river through our front yard —
     it rained hard!

They came to rescue us in a boat —
     away we float!

Daddy saw us in the news on TV —
     Button, you and me!

We’ll spend a few nights in a hotel —
     dry and safe and well!

Some drift off, others stick in mud —
     blessed be the flood.

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Spring Check-Up

On his advice, our local dealership
has rotated my limbs,
and I’ve been a smoother ride
ever since.

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