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Iggy’s Flashflood Adventure

A new river through our front yard —      it rained hard! They came to rescue us in a boat —      away we float! Daddy saw us in the news on TV —      Button, you and me! We’ll spend a few … Continue reading

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Dear Cousins

                  Guess who’s coming over to visit? Yes,                 a wee smile’s breaking through, isn’t it.                 Breakfast together, play all afternoon, then                 snuggle up close to his star and her moon.                 Friends will love you by the dozens, but                 nobody does … Continue reading

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The conductor smooths the music down as gently as I tuck the blanket’s fringe over our sleeping baby, soft as his dreaming, down to barely a whisper’s breath as the orchestra swings in time to his lullaby’s rocking, to a … Continue reading

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